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11 August 2021
Important Changes To CLI (Calling Line Identity) August 2021

Following the recent announcements from Ofcom regarding PAI charges, we have discovered that this could cause extra charges when calls are diverted from our system to a mobile or any other number outside our network.

If an inbound call is received from an international number or an invalid CLI then charges will apply if you decide to allow the original caller line ID to be displayed.

Please bear in mind, this will not affect calls displaying legitimate UK telephone numbers, these calls will be passed on as the original caller line ID.

We are not impressed with the changes & charges that are being forced upon us, so with this in mind, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to take control. You will now find in customer settings a new option for surcharged charges.

You are given the option to either use the original CLI on diversion or rewrite the CLI on diversion to the number that has been called, or another number in your customer set up. By default, we will be rewriting the CLI as the DDI number that the calling party has called, this is to reduce your exposure for extra charges. If you wish to change this, then once again the charges will apply. These charges will apply to your invoice/call history and be passed on to your customer’s invoice/call history at the same cost. This is not a money-making exercise for anyone. (with the exception of BT & the Mobile carriers as it would seem). There will be 3 new columns added to the end of the CDR’s and we will do our best to show this also in the call history report to explain why there could be extra charges. A sample of the CDR will be forwarded with the next information video once we have everything in place.

It is also possible to view and make changes under Reports > Customers – PAI by selecting in the drop-down ‘customer diversion settings.’

The above features will be added to the hosted platform the first week of September 2021 and a video explanation will follow at the end of this month.

Please look out for this as this will affect you and your customers. For additional assistance and price list, please call or message our team who will be glad to help.

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