CLI Changes – UPDATE

Edited by Tom Rogers

7 July 2021

Important Changes To CLI (Calling Line Identity) UPDATE

We are updating you regarding last week’s email about the way in which numbers need to be presented when making outgoing calls. Please see the attached video tutorial link, showing you how to check your customer accounts and alter these to be compliant with the changes. You need to use a valid number that is listed on the Ofcom number range allocations, this can then be used as a valid CLI/PAI display number. The NTA number ranges 01,02,03 & 08 are all part of the Ofcom valid number ranges.

To help us protect you and your customers, we will be placing an announcement on the system as follows: ‘Sorry, it is not possible to connect your call. You do not have a valid CLI. Please contact your service provider to resolve this issue.’. This will be in place from the 1st of August 2021.

Below is a quick user guide to view and amend invalid CLI/PAI on the system. Alternatively, you can watch the youtube tutorial here.


  1. Once logged into your portal, click on the ‘Reports’ tab on the left-hand side menu.
  2. In the submenu select ‘Customers – PAI’. Once on the page, you will see a list of any customers that need adjusting.
  3. In the search bar select ‘My customer, recursive’ from the dropdown options, to view any sub-accounts. Please note: If you have more than one reseller account such as a per-seat account, each account will need to be checked.
  4. This feature will only display numbers that need to be adjusted. You can switch to each customer and add a valid number from the system. These can be 01,02,03 and 08 numbers.
  5. Once you have adjusted your customer accounts, you can use this section at any time to check your customers have the correct CLI/PAI numbers.

For additional assistance, please call or message our team who will be glad to help.

Click here to learn about CLI and PAI changes 

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