Conference Calls

Dial in from anywhere, at any time of the day with NTA’s Conference Calls. Great for businesses with remote workers, multiple offices, and colleagues or clients that work in different locations.

What is NTA Conference Call

NTA Conference Call is a reservationless Phone Conferencing service that allows groups of people to meet quickly and easily. There’s no need to book and all you need to join a conference call is a telephone. This service helps you get the most from your working time and makes arranging conference calls as simple as possible.


Think of NTA Conference Call as your own ‘virtual meeting room’, which we make available whenever you want to use it – even at only a moment’s notice – and enables you to share and dicuss information just as you would during a traditional meeting.


    Conferencing Call will…

    • Increase business efficiency by arranging impromptu and flexible meetings without booking a conference call.
    • Minimise unproductive time by having a ‘virtual’ conference, rather than travelling to meetings.
    • Customise your conferences according to your individual needs.


      Once you’ve registered as a NTA Conference Call account holder, you will be advised by email of the dial-in telephone number and given two unique passcodes (one Chairperson Passcode and one Participant Passcode).

      These passcodes remain unchanged, so you can publish the NTA Conference Call telephone number and Participant Passcode on your business cards. Please keep your Chairperson Passcode secure.

      Simply decide the time of your meeting and advise all the participants of the NTA Conferencing Call number and Participant Passcode, to enter the call. At the time of the call, dial in and enter your Chairperson Passcode and connect everyone together on one call.

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