MobeX App for Professionals

Mobex is a mobile and desktop application that offers you the ability to make and receive calls on your mobile from anywhere in the world using your mobile as an office extension.

Stay Organised

With inbound and outbound call history on all your devices.

Stay Connected

With local contacts, cloud phonebook, and device call flipping.

Move Into the Future

You can now access your office phone from anywhere using your devices.

The Power To
Build Your Business

The app has a user-friendly interface so you can easily make and receive phone calls, place calls on hold, and transfer calls to another extension or external telephone number using a WiFi connection. The Mobex app is able to ‘handover’ to GSM when the WiFi signal is poor or not available.

Video Chat

You can now video chat with your colleagues using MobeXWeb. This feature includes end-to-end video encryption, presentation mode, and debugging capabilities. MobeXWeb Video allows you to enhance your communication and is a great addition to your remote working environment.

A Little Bit of Everything

Unbranded or White Labelled versions available. Why not have your own branded app on the app store? Give us a call to find out more.

“Simple and effective. I make and receive all my business calls through this app. I’ve tried others but they don’t compare.”

‘“Brilliant app. I’m constantly on the move and this is perfect.”

“Very easy to use. Such a great app to use when you’re working from home or when you’re out of the office!”

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Be in the office, away from the office. Take your work extension on the go and access calls from anywhere and everywhere.