Stay Organised

With inbound and outbound call history on all your devices.

Stay Connected

With local contacts, cloud phonebook, and real-time BLF.


Move Into the Future

You can now access your office phone from anywhere using your devices.

MobeX Busylight

Eliminate office interruptions and allow employees to perform at their best with the ultimate LED visual and audio indicator device.

With various colour options and a built-in speaker, ensure the workers are aware of incoming calls, current calls and staff availability. 

MobeX for Mobile

A more portable solution for those who are often on the go. MobeX+ for mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices.

MobeX+ is linked to your desk handset, allowing you to take work calls no matter your location. Utilise services such as bundle minutes and call recording by continuing to use your office extension on MobeX+. Easily view the availability and status of colleagues with the app’s responsive busy lamp fields.

MobeX for PC & Laptop

MobeX Web is the desktop variation of MobeX. Consisting of the exact same features of MobeX+ Mobile but is accessible from any screen.

Not only do the Busy Lamp Fields adjust to your screen resolution, but they also posses the ability to view presence, to call, video or message a contact with one click.

The MobeX+ Mobile app works in tandem with the Desktop version to provide coherent and up-to-date communication.

“Simple and effective. I make and receive all my business calls through this app. I’ve tried others but they don’t compare.”

‘“Brilliant app. I’m constantly on the move and this is perfect.”

“Very easy to use. Such a great app to use when you’re working from home or when you’re out of the office!”

Built with

users in mind

MobeX+ Mobile has a friendly user interface that allows you to easily communicate with colleagues and business contacts via the internet connection on your mobile device.