NTA has a range of fully brandable IP Handsets from entry-level, low cost, to feature-rich Professional and Executive handsets, giving you customer flexibility and choice. 

A10 Entry Level

The A10 is a quality phone with great functionality, ideal for people who are low usage users or people who do not require a large number of dedicated function keys. The A10 handset would suit areas such as unmanned receptions, kitchens, meeting rooms, and classrooms.

C30 Executive

The C30 is an amazing cost-effective executive IP handset packed full of features as standard, complete with a colour screen, digital busy lamp field, and a wide range of functions available via the screen. This phone would be an excellent choice for many businesses that require ease of functionality at an affordable price.

C33 Executive

The C33 is an enterprise gigabit colour screen IP phone. The HD voice 12 SIP lines and built-in bluetooth makes it the perfect handset for everyday user. With rich features including 6-party conferencing and Wi-Fi dongle compatibility the C33 can meet the needs of the user in different scenes.

D44 Professional

The D44 is a fantastic feature-rich professional handset that offers all the features required when working in a professional organisation and a busy environment. An elegant colour screen surrounded by soft touch keys gives you all of the day to day functionality at the touch of a button.

E50 Enterprise

The E50 Enterprise IP Handset is designed for business managers and busy office professionals to streamline communication and enhance collaboration. The large LCD colour screen along with HD voice, 20 SIP lines and 42 tri-coloured physical keys (106 DSS keys) makes it ideal for the Reception as an Operator Console. Its enhanced LCD side colour display can show wallboard information, perfect for the Supervisor. The E50 has enhanced features such as Built-in Bluetooth and is wirelessly compatible (via Wi-Fi dongle), the main LCD screen can even receive SIP video from door entry and CCTV systems.

F60 Enterprise Touch Screen

With a modern, clear design, F60 is a high-end enterprise IP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of their important information. In addition to a 7 inch capacitive touch screen for up to 127 DSS key entries, the telephone also features 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Opus support, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity (via Wi-Fi dongle) and more!

W100 WiFi Phone

The flexibility of Wi-Fi handsets allows you to stay connected and work      more efficiently throughout the workplace The wireless handsets deliver  high-quality, secure communications, plus a push to talk feature which    meets the needs of mobile workers in industries such as Healthcare,       Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality.

LA1 Adapter

This VoIP analogue telephone adapter (ATA) allows users to connect their analogue devices to our IP phone network. The reliable and compact adaptor has the BT plug socket built directly into the adapter, enabling users to connect to our network effortlessly.  Functionality has been built directly into our network, enabling users to dial simple codes to access frequently used features. Able to power up to 4 analogue devices with a max power of REN4 (ringing equivalent number), making sure all your phones in your house will work just how they used to.

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