Team Inbox

Add your team to Whatex and start managing conversations as a team, saving you time.

Powerful Automation

Build intelligent bots to prequalify your customers and route messages to the right team the first time.


Contact Management

You can now access your office phone from anywhere using your devices.

Powerful Messaging

Builds Better Collaboration.

Allowing every member of your team to read and respond to every message via WhatsApp. Assign conversations to teams and colleagues, and create powerful automation bots.

The Ultimate Communications

Tool for B2C Organisations.

Consumers have moved on from email, and today’s lifestyle means they are harder to reach by phone. Utilising the power of WhatsApp API, Whatex opens up WhatsApp as an official communications channel for your sales and service teams.

For on the go.

Ensure you never miss a sales or support message ever again with the Whatex mobile app. Get it now on your app store.

Experience Whatex in action

Discover the full potential of a world-class messaging integration and book a demo.