The MobeX Softphone gets an Upgrade

Edited by Tom Rogers

14 August 2023

NTA announces the launch of its new and improved MobeX softphone application. Paul White, Owner & Founder says “We first developed the MobeX app in the first quarter of 2019 and it was a massive bonus to users during the 2020 lockdown. With the increased need for remote working and with partners & customers requiring more functionality, NTA is thrilled to have developed a whole new reliable application with enhanced features. Not only this, as it was developed in-house, we are in full control, enabling us to easily apply upgrades to future versions, so we are consistent in providing users with a stable and efficient solution paired with a feature-rich hosted telephony platform.”

The improved user interface and feature upgrades apply to both our MobeX+ mobile application as well as our Web softphone. MobeX web includes features such as live BLF, chat and video conferencing.

NTA’s Partners are their number one priority and their opinion matters, which is why many opted to be part of their beta program. This gave Partners early access to the applications and allowed valuable feedback so that NTA could make the best product possible. Paul White of NTA commented, “We are delighted the highly anticipated app has been released and with excellent feedback from our partners, many of whom have scored 10/10 on our feedback form, want to promote this product to their potential customers.”

Users can stay organised and connected with the ability to work from anywhere using MobeX.

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