The Importance of Branding Your Business

Edited by Tom Rogers

30 January 2023

Everyone knows your branding is your biggest identifier. Your logo, colours and other assets collectively create your business’s visual identity. It’s the consumers’ initial method of recognising your company. Today more than ever, customers are faced with companies adverting their services to them from all angles, making it difficult to create a lasting impression. Nowadays you’ve got to put in a lot of work for a single moment of attention from audiences. Companies are now having to invest a lot of work to draw attention to their business and away from competitors. Even if they manage to do this, they don’t have long. The average attention span of an adult is 8.25 seconds – the goldfish are catching up! Standing out from the crowd is a surefire way of getting noticed. A company with elements like a memorable logo, attractive colours and interesting imagery will be guaranteed a higher chance of piquing consumers’ interest.

Your brand represents you and is an extension of your business. Methods such as dual-branding/co-branding can play negatively when exhibiting your products and services. Dual branding opens the door to comparison from competitors from offerings to pricing. Many larger companies prefer to show off who they’re in partnership with, and their client portfolio rather than adjusting their solution to their customers promoting individuality and strengthening of their customers’ brand. Being able to provide fully branded hardware and software under your own brand gives you a competitive edge in the market by providing unique ownership. As far as your audience is concerned, the solution you are providing is unique to you.

But it’s not only about the way you look. You’ve managed to obtain attention, but now it’s time to build a connection. Customers will be more invested in a business knowing they are looking out for their best interest and striving towards joint success. Understanding what a business stands for is very important. This builds trust between you and the provider. Partnering with a supplier who is dedicated to providing reliable support, not only for partners but also end users, is key. And what’s better is knowing that this reflects well on your company. Partnering with a fully white-label solution supplier allows everything great about them to become everything great about you. Ensuring your reputation exceed that of your competitors.

The future is automation, ease of functionality and productivity. However, automation can be dangerous. It comes with the possibility of overlooked errors and lacks the human touch that can enhance supporting material. Partnering with a provider with a dedicated team of professionals who understand the art of branding can have a major impact on the quality of applications. This way, your sales and support material as well as the hardware you resell can be fully customised to suit your brand. It’s not simply a drag-and-drop situation anymore. It’s handcrafted bespoke collateral.

Utilising white labelling as a sales tool in order to create a competitive position within the channel, is essential for any reseller. The reliance on today’s larger brand names has become a crutch for many small businesses to lean on. Large brand partnerships can increase trust within the consumer relationships but at what cost? In the current environment, many consumers have become savvy to finding the best deal they can – and we can’t blame them. However, brand independence allows resellers to create a unique offering without compromising on profit.

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