NTA Introduces MobeX Video

Edited by Tom Rogers

27 April 2022

Here at NTA, we are dedicated to improving our services to make our partners’ and their customers’ work lives as easy and convenient as possible. Whilst many are returning to the office, a large portion of the workforce are choosing to stay home, therefore, the age of remote working has not disappeared. Not only do we provide solutions for our partners, we also consider the needs of end users to be equally as important. That’s why we develop our products and services to suit all. In-house development is a key feature for the growing service provider and we see a large portion of other providers outsourcing their programs and apps, but at what cost? 

We all know outsourcing is a great tool – but an expensive one. This reflects in the buyer’s price and cost of the product. The investment of an in-house development team has been something NTA has been sporting for 20 years. This has allowed us to ensure that our software and products are fully owned and designed by us. This source of service approach gives our partners a more affordable cost price. 

The newest edition from NTA’s development team is MobeX desktop, released in 2021. Since its release, we have continued to develop this WebRTC application to the needs of the end user. MobeX in its entirety is a desktop and mobile application that allows employees and customers to stay connected, no matter where they are in the world. It offers you the ability to make and receive calls on your mobile and desktop web browser from anywhere in the world, using your chosen device as an office extension. The app runs entirely on WIFI and 4G/5G connection. The MobeX app is able to ‘handover’ to GSM when the WIFI signal is poor or not available.

The Power To
Build Your Business

The app has a user-friendly interface so you can easily make and receive phone calls, place calls on hold, and transfer calls to another extension or external telephone number using a WiFi connection. The Mobex app is able to ‘handover’ to GSM when the WiFi signal is poor or not available.

Partner Testimonials

(Due to our White Labelling policy, the identity of this partner is anonymous).

“MobeX is a great tool for my business. Since the pandemic, we have become a mostly remote working operation. Now I can take calls from my office extension without even needing my handset anywhere near me. It’s all well and good having Whatsapp or MS Teams, but what about if your clients have no Team licences and Whatsapp isn’t the most professional tool. MobeX paired with NTAs Widget Wallboards are the perfect duo when remote working.”

“Very easy to use. Such a great app to use when you’re working from home or when you’re out of the office!”

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