Hosted Virtual Network Operator (HVNO)™

Hosted Telephony in Your name, Utilising Our Network Infrastructure. Your Branding, Utilising Our Network Infrastructure.

Welcome to the world of reseller VoIP

Probably to most of you if you have landed on this page you already have a wealth of knowledge. But if you are like us we always believe there is something new to learn. This is why at NTA we pride ourselves on giving our resellers all the support they need regardless of where they currently sit in this fast moving market place.

NTA has launched a new service for it's Hosted Telephony partners called Hosted Virtual Network Operator (HVNO). The service is designed to create a platform that all of its resellers can brand as their own and they can even have their own domain pointed at the portal so the service looks 100% White-Labelled. The NTA service team then work in the background to support the resellers to ensure that the service delivers the reliability expected from traditional PBX’s, with support delivered 24/7 365 days a year. The platform owned and operated by NTA has over 500 features as standard including Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Call Queuing, Hunt Groups and IVR. More sophisticated features such as a Dialer which is also connected to the TPS service, Wallboards and Call Recording are available at a small extra charge.

Are you a Newbie?

We offer training courses to provide you with all the knowledge you need

If your a newbie then let NTA hand hold you through understanding not only the way in which VoIP works but also how and why working with NTA will be the right choice for you. We offer training courses to provide you with all the knowledge you need to understand how the product works from a sales point of view. Plus how the handsets and systems all hook up together to make all the magic work. This is why we call it PFM.

Currently have a Hosted VoIP provider?

Well if you have arrived here you are either checking out the competition (hellooo) or you could be unhappy with your current supplier. Let us take this opportunity to say there’s no harm looking even if you are the competition...

So what do we offer that turns this whole Hosted market on its head when there are so many providers out there? Well, actually there probably isn’t as many providers out there as you may think! You’ll find that many are reselling someone else’s product! Let me assure you of one thing, we are the carrier, we are a number range holder and we are the network. So, thank goodness you’re here as you are in the right place.

Almost all of the other UK providers charge a per seat license which means if you have 20 telephone handsets connect to their network, then you will require 20 licenses. This is basically the credentials you require to connect the handset or device to their network. Well with us you don’t need that ….. when we say you don’t need that, what we mean is that you still need the credentials to connect the handset or device but we don’t charge you a monthly fee for them ongoing. We simply charge you a one-off connection fee. We can’t tell you what the fees are here on this page as it would be unfair to our existing resellers should any end user customers visit us here. Just contact us, it's not a national secret! To gain access to our pricing or to give our service ago, contact our Sales Team today.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

System interrogators and extra clever people

Come and talk to us. We have our own in-house development team.

Want to link your product to ours? Need someone to provide specialists services to do with voice? Come and talk to us. We have our own in-house development team where we can design and build products to suit anyone's needs. Just drop us a line or give us a call and we would be happy to talk call us on 01708320555 or email us on