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When choosing a Non-Geographic Number, it's important to consider who you're receiving calls from.
› 0800 & 0808 freephone
Our 0800 freephone numbers are the ideal choice for sales organisations. By not charging the caller for the cost of the call, this could encourage the caller to call you as opposed to your competitors. For low to medium call volumes, the cost to you for receiving calls will be 4p/min. If you're receiving high call volumes, call our Sales Team to discuss this in more detail. Receiving calls from payphones carries an additional charge of £1/min, however payphones can be blocked on our network so you won't get caught out by this charge.
› 0333
This is an excellent number to use for customers to call in on. No additional cost to the caller, just the standard local call charge. You can also call the numbers as part of a talk plan/inclusive minutes from a mobile phone on most networks.
› 0843/4/5
These numbers are great for administration lines or support lines. There is a small amount of revenue generated from the caller who will pay 7p/min. This is a great way to subsidise the cost of running your telephone services.
› 0870/1/2
Ideal for use in the service industry or for helplines. Calls cost 13p/min, generating a larger revenue for you to put towards running the services you offer. It may pay towards a support line where customers may not have a contract but would like help on a pay-as-you-go basis.