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What is Hosted Telephony?
Hosted telephony removes the need for a telephone system (a physical piece of hardware) within a customer’s premises. Instead, the telephony service is delivered from NTA that houses the physical system, which is software driven within various datacentres where service is then supplied to the customers premises via an internet connection such as ADSL, FTTC, GEA or via a Leased Line.

Hosted (or IP telephony, as it’s also known), runs on all IP networks and uses the same circuits and cabling as your in-house computers sitting on your Local Area Network (LAN), transmitting information to and from NTA’s servers via the same methods as an office network or the Internet.

When a number is dialled, the telephone handset, softphone or mobile app connects to the IP network before being transmitted to the hosted service and determining what number needs to be called. A connection is then made to the desired destination.

IP telephony is fantastic for organisations that have very little in terms of local infrastructure and provides them with the ability to fix or cap their monthly costs due to charges usually being based on how many handsets / seats are required.